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"We did not dream that dream into reality."


It all started when Marija Čorak as a dancer of Irish Maiden visited Ireland in July 2007, participated in the Willie Clancy Festival, where she attended an Irish traditional step workshop and bought her first pair of hard shoes. Since that time Irish Maiden was the only group of Irish dance in Croatia (traditional set dances), her only option was to learn her first steps of Irish step dance with the help of instructional DVDs. Her first performance was on st. Patrick's festival in 2008 with the self-taught Irish dancers Dora and Nikolina from Metković.


In late 2008, Marija met Dialma who was also interested in the step itself and began to study the steps. So two of them and their friend Maja started learning first choreography. And so the three of them, while others danced Irish sets in the hall, taught Irish step in the dressing room. They had first performance on st. Patrick's festival in 2009, and after that they peppered few more. Looking at them, more dancers were interested in Irish step, and Marija, Dialma and Maja decide to set up the first troupe of Irish step in Croatia.


Crucial were holidays in summer 2009 when Marija, Dialma and Maja decided to find their own rehearsal space because their dressing room obviously was more than inconvenient. So they began to dream of their own group. Then they never dreamed that dream into reality. In November 2009, they were joined by four dancers, of which has remained Andrej who still dance in a group. When they finally solve all the paperwork, in early 2010, officially began to operate a non-profit association "Dance Studio Celtic Fantasy" and started the first course of Irish step in Croatia. The group at its very beginning had 20 members. Its first appearance Celtic Fantasy had on St. Patrick's Day Festival in Zagreb in March 2010. They were a real attraction there after which followed numerous appearances.


Its first birthday Celtic Fantasy celebrated with independet one-hour concert in full hall of NS Sesvete.

Due to the nature of her job Maja leavs the role of secretary in 2011, but remains as part of the occasional Celtic Fantasy dancer.

According to world popular irish step plays Lord of the Dance and Riverdance, Celtic Fantasy in Zagreb premiered Croatia's first Irish dance show "The Celts - Historical Journey" on June 16, 2012, authoring project of Dance Studio Celtic Fantasy. After only one performance, calls for a guest performance came from other Croatian cities. So we preformed it in the National Theatre in Varaždin and the Croatian Hall Franjo Tudjman in Pakrac.

In January 2013 Dialma leaves Celtic Fantasy by her decision and devotes herself to her own career.

A year later, CF presented second show of Irish dance entitled "Step Into Night - Light It Up" premiered on February 22, 2014 in Petrinja hall.


In March 2014, Celtic Fantasy presents first Croatian dancers on a specialized international competition in Irish step (Feis) in Stuttgart and a few months later in Prague. Among numerous awards, we won few gold medals.

From season to season, Celtic Fantasy makes more appearances and performances outside of Zagreb. With a lot of will, effort and sacrifice, Celtic Fantasy dancers turn their dream into reality and head along with them experiencing Celtic Fantasy.


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