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Band Mac Léinn was founded in October 2006 in Sesvete. The name comes from the Irish word mac léinn which translated means the student, ie. that name Irish people call their students. The members have decided on a name because they were students at that time. The original lineup consisted of Marina Kipson, Marija Čorak, Renato Kaćera and Davor Mas.


The band decided to perform Irish traditional instrumental music with their arrangement. Members instrument variety makes performances interesting.


Since January 2012 the band became part of Dance Studio Celtic Fantasy and operates under the name 'Celtic Fantasy Band'. Its musical performance complements and enriches the dance program of Celtic Fantasy.


It has also participated in the project 'The Celts - Historical Journey', the first Croatian Irish step dance show, which premiered 06/16/2012. in MCUK Scene Travno and has also performed in Pakrac and in Croatian National Theatre Varaždin. Within this project, the band collaborated with singers Jasmina Martinčević and Ines Vajzović.

Since March 2013, the new associate and honorary member of the band is Stjepan Večković, piper of famous ensemble LADO.


The band also takes part in the new show, STEP INTO NIGHT - Light It Up, and joins five new members, Mirna Gjuraš Car, Tina Mišković, Martin Kolak, Tyhe Ferenc and Marin Škugor.


From season 2014 / 2015th Head and PR of the band is Dominik Milanović, who is also the technical support of Celtic Fantasy (since February 2014).


The current lineup of the band: Magda Mas (thin whistle and flute), Renato Kačera (accordion and thin whistle), Ivan Mrčela (guitar), Mirna Gjuraš Car (violin), Tina Mišković (bodhran), Ines Vajzović (alt), Tyhe Ferenc (soprano), Marin Škugor (tenor) and supporting members, Marija Čorak (violin) and Andrej Kopčok (bodhran), who are also Celtic Fantasy dancers.


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Celtic Fantasy band with its musical performance complements and enriches the dance program of Celtic Fantasy.